About Thos. Baker

Let's Get Together

Not only is fresh air and the sounds of the great outdoors good for the soul, but it’s also the way we aspired to live when Thos. Baker was founded in 2004.  

We’re honored our customers recognize the personal level of intention and authenticity in each of our outdoor pieces and it’s immensely rewarding to sell a product that has a high level of permanence in our customers’ lives.  

We look forward to continuing our mission to help everyone get the most of their outdoor living spaces year-round.

Design and Craftsmanship

Thos. Baker was founded in 2004 in the beautiful Puget Sound which provided the perfect inspiration and backdrop for the creation of a new luxurious line of outdoor furniture and accessories. Ever since those beginnings, Thos. Baker has continued developing and offering products with an eye toward design and impeccable craftsmanship, using only the finest quality materials available.  

Quality, longevity, and environmental responsibility are the key pillars that drive us as we continue to develop and curate our expanding outdoor assortment. We strive to develop long-lasting partnerships worldwide to help interpret our designs and ensure that the raw materials used in manufacturing are reliably sourced, reliably produced and will provide years of outdoor enjoyment for our customers. 

The Thos. Baker Difference

- Authentic and Original 

- Premium Workmanship 

- Stylish and Timeless 


Premium outdoor living designed to inspire you to live your best outdoor life with friends and family. 

Responsibly Sourced

Thos. Baker creates outdoor furniture featuring unique designs and impeccable craftsmanship, using the finest raw materials. Environmental responsibility is always top of mind as we curate our collections.  

We develop partnerships with vendors throughout the world to ensure that the raw materials used in production are sustainably sourced. So, enjoy your furniture knowing that we are making every effort to preserve our environment.