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Bainbridge Adirondack Chair - Natural on patio
Weatherproofing Outdoor Furniture: Wood vs. Wicker

All outdoor furniture materials will require some form of maintenance to prevent issues such as rust marks, mildew, stains, and water damage. Keep in mind that depending on the wood your furniture is made of, it might perform better than others.

How to Care For Teak Patio Furniture
How to Care For Teak Patio Furniture

One of the main appeals of teak is its durability; with proper care, your patio furniture can last decades while maintaining both charm and quality. Knowing the specifics of teak care is key to making use of its advantages.

Veranda dining table and bar stools in yard
How to Clean Your Outdoor Furniture for the Summer

Not all outdoor furniture can be dealt with the same way. What might work on your teak table/barstool/etc might not work for that stunning new set of wicker chairs you just purchased. In order to make sure you’re cleaning your furniture properly, and without lasting damage to the material, you should always start by considering the material used. 

Palms collection coffee table, side table and club chair on wooden deck
The Thos. Baker Guide to Rattan vs Wicker Furniture

Because of the relation between ‘rattan’ and ‘wicker,’ they can easily get mixed up. But when you’re looking to purchase new outdoor furniture for your home, it’s good to know the difference!